sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Janinacraft 0.7.3

Janinacraft 0.7.3

This files are not .zip but .rar so you need to extract the files first, you'll find 4 packs:
- Birch
- Jungle
- Spruce
- Oak (the classic one)

Yes! now you'll be able to select your favorite wood color!!! it's not possible to mix different woods yet but now we have a choice! Each extracted file is ready to use as a normal texture pack.

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JaninaCraft 0.7.3

You can check the latest news post HERE, you'll find a guide to know what's going on in the updating process n' maybe something else about the Minecraft PE world mainly.

Keep building, enjoy all the stuff n' have fun using your imagination! :')