domingo, 21 de abril de 2013


More Updates, small tutorial & 100 subscribers in Youtube channel!!! :')

This time I'm not going to edit the old posts I have to upload texture packs, this time there will be a new post for each pack to make it more easy for you to find the pack you want, but yeah, I'd like to keep this post to give some announcements.

A new pack comes to town! The End is Extremely Nigh, play on a wasted, apocalyptic world filled with horrible zombies n' more!

The new one is a 16x pack now, it means that every animation in the game works fine! This is SMP Revival ready to download now!


-Janinacraft (fixed a little bug n' reuploaded 19/08/13)

-Soartex Fanver (fixed a little bug n' reuploaded 19/08/13)

-John Smith

-Junk Jack

-Original Texture Pack [Updated]

-The End is Extremely Nigh


-Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption

-Dragon Dance

-Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack

-SMP Revival

-Dokucraft High


-Derivation RPG


(I'll try to post updated textures on weekends)

You'll be able to select your favorite color for the wood, birch, jungle, spruce or the classical oak! go and check it out yourself! :)

Compact Cobblestone generator:

I'm starting a new series The End this is the 3rd episode:

Showing off Sky Pyramid for PE V a finished map:

Jacques Remy's Complete World II

A great place to use buckets!

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